Safir Communication is a strategic communication firm focused on capital markets 

S-Safir Communication

We are a dynamic team with long experience and deep specialized competence. At our firm you will meet professionals with a wide array of industry expertise. We leverage our collective experience to create successful communication for our customers. A common characteristic for us all is our shared view of trusting and close customer relationships. With a holistic view on communication and business we create opportunities for stakeholders on the capital markets. 

We are a niched actor with a goal of making a big impact. We support our customers in their communication with capital markets and its various stakeholders. We are convinced that well-prepared, proactive and transparent communication builds trust for both companies and management. Most importantly, your communication should result in a fair valuation of the stock. Together with a strong and competent team with long experience as well as established partners, we help our customers to create the optimal conditions for success.  

The customer in focus 

We tailor our services to our customers’ needs and we work close to our customers with a holistic view of the company. We execute all assignments with a clear focus on quality and value creation. We challenge and question where it is needed to ensure that we give the best advice in each situation.  



We have a wide experience and deep specialized competence in our business areas, which is at the core of our ability to meet our customers high expectations on insightful and valuecreating communication.  


Transparency, honesty, and integrity is at the core of our work. We strive for long-term customer relationships and a close contact with our customers. Our work is characterized by the goal of stabilizing the share price of our customers in line with the company’s long-term valuation.  

Historik Safir Communication


Safir Communication was originally founded in 2013 under the name Newsec Comunication. In 2019, a decision was made to change the name to Safir Communication and focus fully on Investor Relations and Corporate Communication. Since our beginnings we have completed over 20 IPOs and produced several annual reports for companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange.  

Historik Safir Communication