Corporate Reporting

Safir Corporate Reporting

Maximize the added value from your annual report by letting it take center stage in your internal and external communication.

Leverage the many aspects of financial reporting  

Strengthen your company’s position by leveraging your financial reporting from multiple perspectives. Convey your key message to a clearly defined target group with the help of a reliable partner.  

Your annual and sustainability report should provide added value. In addition to compliance with the legal aspects, your annual and sustainability report can create added value and function as a communication platform. The annual report provides an overview of the company and the interim reports show the current state. Together they form a hub in your external and internal communication.  

Safir has a clear process and an established method that values transparency and the long-term perspective. Through our partnership you will free up time from your co-workers as well as increase the quality of the reporting.  

We support you through the whole annual report process through planning, production, and delivery.  

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Corporate Reporting – examples of areas of expertise

  • Annual and sustainability reports  

  • Interim reports 

  • Company descriptions & prospectuses 

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We offer strategic advice within

Safir Investor Relations

Investor Relations

  • Transaction communication (M&A and IPOs)
  • Ongoing IR-advice
  • Capital market days
  • ESG-advice
  • Interim Solutions 


Safir Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

  • Annual and sustainability reports
  • Interim reports
  • Company descriptions & prospectuses
Safir Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

  • Advice to management & board of directors
  • Corporate Governance Disclosure
  • Code of Conduct
  • Equity Advisory
  • Sustainability advice
Safir Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

  • Communication strategy
  • Messaging platform
  • Ongoing advice
  • Interim Solutions 
  • Media training
  • Crisis management